All sessions are plenary (no parallel sessions) and feature some of the world’s most distinguished thought leaders in the right-to-die movement, including scientists, professors, ethicists, legal experts, and medical professionals.

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Speakers and programme are subject to change.


International speakers - FRIDAY, 7 september 2018

SPEAKERS Deborah Ziegler.png
SPEAKERS Asunción Álvarez del Río.png
SPEAKERS Amparo Espinosa Rugarcia Mexico.png
SPEAKERS Jean-Luc Romero-Michel.png
SPEAKERS 8 Stefanie Green Canada.png
SPEAKERS Ellen Wiebe Canada.png
SPEAKERS  Tanja Daws.png
SPEAKERS Erika Preisig Lifecircle.png
SPEAKERS Silvan Luley Dignitas.png
SPEAKERS Faye Girsh and Ted Ballou.png
SPEAKERS Marc Vanryckeghem.png
SPEAKERS Monica Verhofstadt Belgium.png
SPEAKERS Jacqueline Herremans Belgium.png
Speaker Laura de Vito.png
SPEAKERS Philip Nitschke Exit International.png

SOUTH AFRICAN SPEAKERS - saturday, 8 september 2018

SPEAKERS Willem Landman.png
SPEAKERS Epiphany Stransham-Ford.png
SPEAKERS Dianne McCormick.png
SPEAKERS Kessler Perumalsamy.png
SPEAKERS Hendrik van Nieuwenhuizen.png
SPEAKERS Deidre Carter.png
SPEAKERS - Solly Moeng.png
SPEAKERS Jacques Rousseau.png
SPEAKERS Sean Davison.png
SPEAKERS Tseliso Thipanyane.png
SPEAKERS  Catherine Hanauer.png